I'm a couple of days into my fourth week of access to the PWK labs and course material, so here's my recap of the previous week.  Highlights include completing the videos, PDF, and exercises and getting started on lab machines.

Keeping with tradition, here's my daily time breakdown:

Day 15

  • More work on chapter 13 exercises.  I knew web app attacks would be one of my weak points, and that has been reflected in the time spent on this chapter.  I wanted to make sure I understand each piece before moving on.

Day 16

  • Completed chapter 13 exercises.  Completed videos, reading, and exercises for the first section of chapter 14.

Day 17

  • Finished up videos, reading, and exercises for chapter 14.  Also rooted my first lab machine.  I used Metasploit though, so does it really count?

Day 18

  • Videos, reading, and exercises for chapter 15.

Day 19

  • Videos, reading, and exercises for first half of chapter 16.  Long scans are long.  This chapter renewed my love for tmux, as I could leave a scan running in one tab while I handled other tasks in another.

Day 20

  • Completed videos, reading, and exercises for chapters 16 and 17.

With family in town for a few days I went a bit lighter this week, only putting in 10.5 hours.  That brings my total time investment up to 40 hours across three weeks.  I expect that to ramp up quickly for the rest of my time since I'll be digging in to lab machines.  Wish me luck!

Photo by Kevin Horvat on Unsplash